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Spray painting parts or an entire car


There can be very many different reasons you want to paint a car or just a part of it. One of them is rust repair, once you got the rust under control and made the part like new you want to paint it in the original color. Of course there are very many other reasons as well, problems like peeling clearcoat, dent or damage repairs or you just want the car to be in another color.

In this section I'll go over the steps to prepare the surface for paint, how to use body filler and the various methodes to get parts painted like a pro.

What i'm not going to discuss is how to fix a dent, how to repair and treat rustspots or anything else. This section is all about painting and preparing a panel, an entire car or just a part for paint. Then we're going over the techniques on how to paint. What materials to use, what's needed, nice to have and what's absolutely necessary to get perfect results.

I'll be showing you how to get a good result with a spray gun as well as with rattle cans. The differences between them and what results you may expect from the different products.

There will be a chapter on how to mask off the rest of the car because you just don't want to get that paint anywhere else as on the part / panel you'r working on.

At which time you can get the masking off, how to solve problems with your paintjob. E.G. How to get rid of runs, orange peel, fish-eyes and very much more. I'll even put in a section how to wetsand and polish.

For this section I'll be using my Mercedes SL 300 - 24 which has a problem with the clearcoat on the bonnet (or hood depending on where you live). It's got 2 smal dents and some stone chips. I will also show you how to blend paint into the exsisting paint so the transition will be invisible even if there may be some difference in color between the old and new paint. I won't go into blending clearcoat, in this example I'll just put new clearcoat on the whole panel.

Here's my Mercedes I'm going to redo the paintjob on. I'll lead you through every step involved.


In this picture it looks like a million-dollar car but the truth is different. It sure got it's paint problems from the past.
Somebody re-painted a part of the bonnet (hood) and at the time it was done he/she felt it was a good idea to blend the clearcoat into the bonnet. In itself not bad from a painters perspective but over time, being in the sun in the south of France, it deteriorated resulting in this.


You can see the milky clouds in the paint which developed over the years. I'm going to attack this problem, like I said, I will lead you through the steps to solve this.

A perfect result for a paint job starts with the preparation, if the preparation is no good your paint job will look terrible. Be aware you cannot fill scratches and other defects in the paint with a new layer of paint, it has to be absolutely smooth before you even attempt to put paint on it. So let's move on to the next chapter in which I'll discuss the prep-work.

Last update : August 19th, 2018