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Spray painting - Accessories

Which things you do need and which ones are nice to have.


Well, let's look at things you may find useful, some may even turn out to be necessary depending on your needs. Having a compressor, a spray gun and some air lines actually makes it good to go. Just buy the paint and spray that car!

Yes and no. Yes, you got everything you need to get started but it will take a while to set up the whole system the right way. Everybody can hook up an air-line and a spray gun but to get it tuned in is another matter. No, you most probably won't get the result you expect from the bare setup. Why?

For two very good reasons, first one is you don't have a clou which pressure is at the end of your air-line which attaches to the spray gun. On most compressors there is a gauge and a regulator for the pressure. Be aware it's giving you the pressure at that end of the line, depending on the diameter, length and quality of your air-lines you'll loose some pressure along the way. Second there may be water, dust particles, oil or other contaminations in your compressor which you absolutely don't want in your paint. Both can very well compromise your paint job.

Although you can get started without these items it's just common sense to have them. "Them" being an air-filter and a pressure gauge which you can regulate to get the right pressure where you need it.
Let's discuss those accessories.

Pressure gauge.

There are expensive and cheap ones, even digital ones. Just one like this will do very well.


When you hooked up your spray gun and you pull the trigger it should read around 2 bar. In the section on how to setup your spray gun I'll explain in detail how to use it.

Air filter.

This is an air-filter, not a very expensive one but it really is nice to have. This one has an 20 micron filter in it and will drain itself automatically.


As you can see it has got a pressure gauge and a pressure regulator on it as well. Very handy when the compressor is in another space of the building.

It is not a dedicated water / oil separator but it will filter the air quite well. There is a whole range of products out there to clean the air, some are really expensive and then the question arises: What do you need?

These two accessories are what you need to get a good result, they are not very expensive (at least the ones I have are not) but it makes your life so much easier.

Last update : September 9th, 2018