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Introduction Honda CRX 1990.

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This verson of the Honda CRX was introduced in 1988 and was produced until late 1991, this model is called the ED9 and represents the 3th generaton of the CRX-line. This specific one was built in 1990.

Weighing 909kg (about 2000lbs) it is light and the engine produces 125 HP, this weight to power ratio made it a "pocket-rocket", otherwise known as the poorman's Ferrari.

I bought it second hand in 2001 for my eldest son, he drove it for 3 years before he moved on to another car. I loved the design and wanted it back. Since late 2004 the car was in my hands again, having 3 other cars at the time I stored it in a garage in which it stood for 5 years. I worked on-and-off at it getting it in a perfect state. Many things happened in my life during those 5 years including moving to France, I almost forgot about it until the daughter of a friend needed a car but had no money. I lent her the CRX for a few months and at a given day I got a phonecall the car was smoking badly and lost power. Again I got it back and did a full rebuild on the engine.

The CRX spent yet another 8 years in a garage without me working on it nor driving it. In the last two years I did some work like changing the fuel tank and pump for a new ones. Now it's in my workshop and I started working on it once more. This time I want to finish it.

Here are a few pics. Still looking good but there is a lot of work yet to be done.




This concludes the introduction, many chapters will be added including the rebuild of the engine. As usual it will take time but be sure it's coming.

First released : September 19th 2019