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Introduction Mercedes Benz 320cdi

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Somewhere in September 2016, I had taken up the idea of buying a Mercedes-Benz station car, an S210 as it's called by the factory, in Germany to make it a winter project. No one including me could have imagined that it would really take all winter before the thing was free of rust and in such a technical state that it would pass the MOT. It therefore took quite a few technical procedures to make the Benz ready for use on public roads once more.

On the following pages I will describe what has been done to make it a good car again, which is what you expect from a Mercedes. Mercedes is not just another brand, it represents the best in automotive engineering throughout the world. They want to make you believe so anyway, I'm not so sure about that anymore.

I dragged the Benz from Limburg an der Lahn in Germany 750 miles to where I live on my trailer and it arrived like this.

Benz on trailer

Last update : August 20th, 2017