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Mercedes Benz 320cdi

Cleaning out the intake system

From the very first day I had this car it bulged out big clouds of black/blue/grey smoke. I know a diesel can produce some smoke but this was ridiculous. This can have very many causes with a diesel so first thing I did was taking the airfilter out. This is what I found.


Doesn't look like this one has been changed lately. I got a new one and put it in, not really anything changed but it was a good start and had to be done anyway.

To get rid of this soot coming from the exhaust I had to dig deeper. In many cases modern engines suffer from blocked up EGR valves so that was my next target.

Took the thing out and this is what I found.

It was virtually blocked and at that time I wondered how the intake manifold would look like.

Well, after a few hours I got the manifold out. See for yourself in what condition it was.

It's safe to say about 20% is blocked inside. Take a look at the side of the engine as well, there are swirl-flaps which hardly worked anymore.

Now, how on earth do I get that soot out? I'm sure there are other methods but for me ovencleaner and the high pressure waterjet did the trick.

I'll leave you alone with just the pictures which I took after the cleaning.

A whole lot better!

Now I have to get it back in the car. That's where it goes.

And in it is.

Question is, did it make any difference? I say it did because I got rid of a big part of the black of the smoke. Unfortunately the blue and grey smoke are still there.

Eventually I'll get there, next up is the rebuild of the injectors which took care of the grey smoke.

Last update : August 27th, 2017