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Mercedes Benz 320cdi

Refurbishing the headlights

Fact the headlights had to be refurbished was obvious from the beginning, here is the process that I have done. It's a bit of a dull page with loads of pictures of just the headlights. It's actually more muscle than it is exciting, well yeah, the results are. So bear with me and see how the process is developing.

I do not really have a "before" picture but this gives a pretty nice impression.


To begin with get them out of the car (in my case they already were). You can do this while they are still in the car but be very carefull not to damage the paint around them. Masking the paint off with some thick tape will do the trick. I started to sand the lenses down with P600 dry and wet sandpaper.

After that I used P1000,


To finish it off I used P3500 sandpaper. No it's not finished yet, only the sanding is.

Then the lens looks like this, in the meantime I started on the small lens with P600.

Eventually it reached the same stage as the big lens

Now it's time to bring the DAP900 out (DAP means Dual Action Polisher). I used Monello Veloce, Mezzo and Finale on the respective polishing pads purple, green and white.

This is the first step using Monello Veloce on the purple pad.

This looks really nice already. Most people would be happy with a result like this but it will look bad within a year or so if you leave it like this. You really need to take all the scratches from sanding out to make it a surface which is as smooth as possible.

Hence the second pass with Monello Mezzo on the green pad.

After the last pass of polishing I installed the rubber surroundings. Obviously I used Monello Finale on the white pad.

Whatever you do don't get tricked into spraying that UV-protection paint on it! It's expensive and it will last just as long as it wants, I give it 3 years tops. You're better off polishing those headlights once a year to keep them in perfect shape. In fact the UV-protection paint is what I had to sand off before polishing the headlights. The plastic lenses will hold up just fine if you look after them without it, even if it's just once a year.

One down one to go, this is the one I bought over the internet to replace the one with the broken glass.

For me it was a day later but for the reader the story just goes on, in the chapter about the front fenders I promised I'd show pictures of the new fenders installed, I didn't forget about that. Now the headlights are ready to go in I'll first show you a picture of both headlights before they go in.

The next set of pictures is taken when it was all together again, so fenders in place, headlights and bumper. Of coure I hooked up the lights.

This concludes the front of the Mercedes. Yes I know, the left inner bulb had to be replaced when the picture was taken, that's done in the meantime.

Last update : August 20th, 2017