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Mercedes Benz 320cdi

Replacing and painting the front fenders

The moment I bought this Mercedes, I already knew that the left front fender was due for replacement. Further investigation made it clear that both fenders should be replaced. I could have restored it all but the work that it would take was in no relation to the price for new ones.

So the choice was obvious and I ordered two new fenders in Germany. The new fenders came in a black primer, because the old ones were so far gone I had no confidence in it. First thing I did was spraying 2 thick layers of primer on them to make sure that the rust devil will not show in the future. Nothing is forever, so if it stays good for the next 10 years, I will be very pleased.

The seams were treated with a professional seam sealer and afterwards I treated the insides with undercoating. Below are pictures of the whole process up to and including polishing, because I have polished the whole car, I made a separate chapter for it as well.

Had I known that the doors, the bonnet and the rear fenders had to be sprayed, I would have sprayed the car completely in one go. I do not see it as a mistake, but it could have been easier regarding masking the car off. Now the fenders are sprayed separately, so not on the car, the other panels have not been disassembled and were sprayed on the car.

To remove the fenders, it is necessary to disassemble the bumper and the headlamps, the left headlamp had to be replaced due to a crack in the glass. Because of that it was no extra work.

Here's a picture of the Mercedes without bumper, headlights and fenders.


Despite the disassembling of the fenders took a while because of the rust, the inside panels look very good.

Here you see the left and the right side.

Rust on the fenders, respectively left and right side.

I did test fit the new fenders to see if they lined up, so far no problem. I didn't have to do any panelwork to alter the gaps between the bonnet and the doors.

First I sanded the black primer to give someting to hold on to for the fresh primer.

The inside of the fenders sprayed in primer, I also sealed the seams.

After that I primed the outside.

Then two layers of basecoat, the color code is 339, violett metallic.

Finally the clearcoat, not a bad result straight from the spraygun.

After the paint was fully cured I put a thick layer of undercoating at the inside.

Before the fenders can be mounted, I will first polish the headlights. Because they are the xenon type lamps they are very expensive, on top of that the glass is not sold separately. I found a good used one for a reasonable price in Germany to replace the left unit.

At the end of the next subject, the headlights, I will mount the fenders and you will see the photo's of the result.

Last update : August 20th, 2017