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Mercedes Benz 320cdi

Restoring the doors and painting them

Except for a few small spots of rust in the corners of the doors they seemed to look quite good at first, that changed when I removed the rubber strips. The gutter where the strips ran into was completely perished at the bottom of the doors.

That obviously could not be left like it was so I hand crafted new gutters and welded them in.


First of all I had to reproduce the exact same thing, I started out with a piece of profile to which I hammered an extra lip.

The result.

The length was already cut to size but it remains to be seen whether it fits.

Doesn't look bad at all. Now it's time to get the grinder out and get rid of the rusted parts.

The new gutter welded in place.

After I cleaned up the welds I gave it a coat of zinq-primer.

When both gutters were replaced by new ones I started on the outside. There was no real drama, just the odd dent and some rust at the lower back corners.

Got rid of the rust and treated it with zinq primer, just a tiny bit of filler and sanded it down.

There was some rust on the inside as well so I treated it the same way.

I painted the inside, since I was not taking the doors off it had to be done before painting the outside.

Of course I painted the new gutter as well.

I did that for all 4 doors, here you see the right side.

On this side was some work to be done as well to the outside.

Both sides ready to sand down and prepairing it for paint.

It was impossible to get the doorhandles out of the front doors so I masked them off.

To make sure the basecoat would stick and to ensure no rust is coming back I sprayed 2K primer before I gave it the basecoat.

After 2 layers of basecoat and 2 layers of clearcoat.

This concludes the work I had to do to the doors, keep on checking the news and info page for more updates!

Last update : August 21st, 2017