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Mercedes Benz 320cdi

Respraying the bonnet

I didn't think the bonnet (or hood if you like) needed work at first but when I started to polish it up I discovered what seemded like a million tiny pits in the paint.


There were even tiny rustspots, the pictures are not fully focussed but these were taken very close  up.

Now the car is getting so nice I couldn't let this be, it would let the car down if I did.

Started to sand every spot down.

Took the ventilation grid out,

the star,

and the grill.

I discovered some rust at the bottom part next to the grill.

And sure, on the other side as well.

Treated all spots which were having rust using rust inhibitor.

Then I had to fill all spots to get a smooth finish.

Sanded down.

When all was smooth I sanded the whole bonnet.

For the third time I had to mask the rest off.

I covered the engine compartment up as well, since I took the grid out it was a big open hole.

I only sprayed primer on the sections that really needed it.

First layer of basecoat.

Followed by the second layer.

First layer of clearcoat.

And of course the second one.

After putting it all back together it now looks like this. It really makes a big difference!

Hope you enjoyed this chapter.

Last update : August 22st, 2017