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Renault R6 from 1969 Introduction

Restauration Project

On a nice evening at the end of September 2016 there were 2 Renault R6 put up for sale by a good aquaintance of mine. I was intersted so I immediately contacted him, there were no other candidates and that was relaxed.

The next day we went to see the cars and it turned out that the Renault's were both practically complete, good news. One was inside a shed and the other outside under a sort of carport, both of them were worth the trouble even though the one outside was no longer in possession of a floorboard in any which way you can imagine. Yes, there were plates of steel sheet covering the holes, but they were not fixed to anything at all.

After a brief negotiation we reached an agreement on the price , then it turned out the papers for both cars were still there. That is interesting! Enfin, we sorted the paperwork and the financials to everyone's satisfaction.

A few days later, I picked up the cars with my car trailer, because they have not been moved for more than 30 years, it was quite a job. Flat tires and the occasional seized up wheel. To my great surprise, it was possible to pump up the tires which made it a lot easier.

This one was build in 1969


The second in 1970

I liberated the first one from what would have been it's final resting place.

Of course I did the same thing with the second one.

Side by side in my garden.

I'm planning to fully restore at least one of them, it all depends if I can find parts for it and of course the price of those. If it turns out to be feasable I'll restore both.

In the next pages I'll keep you up to date of the progress. There will be a lot more pages added about this restauration project.

Last update : August 30th, 2017