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Renault R6 1969

Getting everything off and out of the car


My idea the dashboard is actually the most complicated part of the car turned out to be true to this date. I figured it was a good starting point, well before the end of the day I could definately say it was. I took my time and loads of pictures to see how everything was put together, in half a year I'm not so sure anymore so the pictures will help me to refresh my memory. The rest of the car seems very straight forward, maybe I'm wrong and if I am, I'll let you know.

Pictures say more than a 1000 words so here we go.

The dashboard before I even started.

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No, I didn't clean it first because that would have been useless till everything is stripped down. Proof of that will be clear a bit furtheron.

The typical 60's parcel shelf removed together with the bottom half of the steering column and the padding on the centre console.

The R6 is equipped with the enourmous amount of two fuses.

I removed the dashboard and the interior fan. here you see why cleaning up would have been useless. Exactly, mouse nests!

And this is in the fan itself.

After removing some more stuff I ended up with a bare dashboard.


Getting out the seats and the rear bench including the parcelshelf was done in no-time. 4 nuts on each seat and another 4 bolts to get the rear bench out.

Here I removed the passengers seat.


Within 10 minutes everything that had to go was out. That gives me loads of space in a very small car.

Body: part 1

Now it is time to get the doors off, the bonnet and the bootlid. This turned out to be simple as well, 6 bolts for each door, the bootlid and the bonnet.

The first door is off.

After some very relaxed wrenching all the doors are out.

It went so well I even took the windscreen and the small windows on the sides out.

At this very point there is more of the car sitting here than is left on it.

Yes, I even got the front wing off so for the time being the Renault will look like this.

Body: part 2

I continued taking the front apart, here you see the inner front wing, the bumper and the front are gone.


Not without dealing with some rusted solid nuts and bolts, they always seem to be in the most hard to reach places. And of course I have photo's of the parts.

Before I can take the other side off I first had to get the exhaust out of the way. After that it went smooth.
I'll leave you with some pictures.

There is really not much left besides the chassis. Next job is to get the whole body off the chassis, to do that I have to remove the steering column and the pedals to start with.

Last update : Sept. 6th, 2017
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