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BMW 740i

Introduction to the engine rebuild

About 5 years ago I was driving my BMW 740i down our lovely French country roads when all of a sudden the engine developed a rattle. I didn't hear it while driving but when we stopped to make some pictures I left the engine running. Outside the car there was an intermittend rattle which worried me but it was not very loud.


The last 16 kilometres home, if you're living in the colonies or on an island which is situated in front of The Netherlands and Belgium in the Atlantic ocean which we call The United Kingdom it's about 10 miles, the rattle became stronger.

After further investigation the guides of the distribution chain had gone, since I like this car very much there was only one decision possible. Rebuild the engine!

In the next pages of this chapter I'll describe the full engine rebuild.

Stay tuned for updates!

Last update : August 23th, 2017