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All you need to know about the ZF 5HP24 automatic gearbox.


Just some preliminary things I like to start with, I do own 2 BMW 740i's. One is a pre-facelift (1997) which I had a severe accident with and the second one (2000) is the one I'm using as a daily driver. It is most certainly a facelift model. Now, the facelift model and the pre-facelift model (it switched to the facelift model in September 1998) do have some extensive differences considering the electronics. Mostly the connectors which are not the same but also the control modules for the gearbox, engine management and so on, are different. So, the modules are not interchangable.

In the old PFL (Pre-FaceLift) I had an automatic gearbox which was fully rebuild about 60,000 miles (somewhat less as 100,000 kilometers) before I crashed the car. Logical thing to do was to put the rebuilt gearbox into my "new" 740i. It wasn't that easy to get it to work! I did change the wiring loom from the newer gearbox into the other which will be in the next chapter.

Before changing out the wiring loom it didn't go anywhere, after I did just that it did run. As to this day it's still like that but it has got some problems. Shifting back from 5th gear to 4th will give a profound "thumb" in the differential. Not a very nice feeling and most of all, it shouldn't be like that.

I figured changing the "brain" out, also known as the valve body, it will be compatible with the new(er) gearbox control module. I sure hope this will solve any drivability issues.

Here is a picture of the original gearbox that was in the 740i, on the orange bash is the heat exchanger which cools the gearbox oil. More about that later.


Let's get it in the garage and start taking it apart, that will be in the next chapter.

Released : December 2nd, 2018. -- Last update : Jan 16th, 2019