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Introduction BMW 330Ci

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At the end of May 2019 I found a BMW 330Ci, I had been looking for one over the past 2 years but they were too expensive or just plain wrecks. High mileage cars or just not the package I was looking for. Eventually this one came along, fair price and quite low mileage. Has the M-package, meaning everything is M-spec except the engine. So suspension, body trim like bumpers and spoiler and some interior features. For a full description look at the chapter "specifications". It was located somewhat like 1000km (700miles) to the North, since the maximum speed is limited to somewhat les than 60mph (90km/h) when I tow the trailer we decided to go and drive the 330Ci back if it was what the advert promised. Small detail is I'm allowed doing about 85mph on the motorway (highway) without the risk of a fine without the trailer, which makes a big difference in travel time over such a long distance.

It was clearly stated in the add there were some dents in it and had some rust. Upon arrival I was really pleased to see that it was as advertised. In perfect technical condition but some cosmetics to take care of. During the testdrive I noticed the outside temp-sensor was indicating 40 degrees (C) below zero, as a matter of fact the owner removed the sensor. I found out why much later. Being the beginning of the summer I really liked to have airconditioning but the absence of that sensor prevented the airco to come on. The car was thinking "It's freezing cold outside and you want me to cool the interior? No way buddy!".

Anyway, we made it home and here it is sitting in my drive.

330 in drive

330 interior

Last update : June 26th, 2019