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Restoring the rear bumper.

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Well, the bodywork or rather metalwork is done but the bumpers need attention too. Because all bumpers are sticking out it took the first impact when the bootlid was severely damaged. Needless to say it has been damaged. How bad is it? Well, the outer skin took some beating but the main problem is in the bar behind it which is the actual bumper. In this case it's made of fiberglass to keep the weight of the car down. Where metal would bend this stuff breaks.

This is the good side, that's how it should be including the shock absorber which is screwed into the car.

dent in bumper


The other side is a different story all together, broken, cracked and torn apart.




It looks like an exploded birds nest.

I will be taking care of the inside later on, for the moment I will be working on the outer skin first. Not in the last place to see what I have to do to the bumper bar to make it fit perfectly again.

The skin has a very large bulge sticking out, here is where it is located on the bumper.


I used a heatgun and some wooden paintsticks to work it back in leaving some low spots while doing so.


Then I put just a skim of polyester filler over it.


It took another 3 very thin layers to get it straight again. In the meantime I filled some scratches and sanded the entire bumper.


An overview.



Before painting the bumperskin I will go over it using 400-grid dry and wet sandpaper.


The outer skin is ready for paint. Before I put paint on it I want to go back to the bumper bar and fix it.

I cut away the parts which were delaminated using the grinder, to get into the tight corners I used the dremel.



I put the first piece of fiberglass on it and secured it with resin. I'm building it up so the fiberglass mat doesn't cave in while I'm putting the resin on.


Building the layers from top to bottom and from bottom to the top, they meet somewhere in the middle.

A few layers later it's taking on the original form.


I finished it off by using a different kind of fiberglass mat, there are eight layers which should be more than enough to give this bar the strength it needs.



Now it has to cure over night and I'll be working on it tomorrow, meaning, sanding it flat and make the necessary holes.


That was all for today, got a lot done and will be finishing it off tomorrow.

This page will be updated soon so stay tuned!

So it is the next day, I cleaned up the repairs and I had to test-fit it on the car to get the holes in the right place.

Here it's bolted down just for measurements.


I measured it out and at this point it's fully symmetrical to the car.


Last thing to do is to mate-up the inner structure to the outer skin. It's lining up perfectly!


Tomorrow I'm going to paint the bumper, stay tuned!

And two days later The paint has cured, this is how it came from the spraygun.


Here it is with the parking sensors and the diffuser installed, ready to go back on the car.


How it looks on the car I will show tomorrow.

Today I did put the bumper on the car, this is how it turned out.



This concludes this chapter, next thing to do is the front bumper.

First released : July 15th 2019 - Last update : August 30th, 2019