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Dent and rust repairs.

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Like I stated in the introduction part, the 330Ci needs some cosmetical attention. First off, it has some rust spots and some dents. One dent was quite big, Somebody hit a pole while driving backwards which left a major dent in the trunklid (or bootlid if you want). Just because nobody took the effort or spent the money to repair it, the damaged parts around it started to rust.

Here is where it is located on the car.

dent in trunk

Furthermore the bottom of both doors were rusted and there was a little rust at the end of the rear wheel arches, on both sides as well. I took the rear bumper off and got the tail lights out together with all the things which were attached to the trunklid. So, the M-spoitler, licence plate lights, the lock, badge and the licence plate itself.

The next few pictures show the repaired damages.





At this very moment the 330Ci is ready for paint.

Cleaned out the garage and masked the car off.


Three coats of high build primer which will be wetsanded before I spray the paint and clear coat.




This is how it turned out, straight from the spraygun.



After a slight buff and most of the bootlid re-assembled it looks like this.


So, the bodywork is done. Unfortunately the body is not the only part of the outside which needs attention. In the next chapter we move on to restoring the bumpers to their former glory.

Last update : July 14th, 2019