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This page contains direct links to newly added pages and info about what's going on with this site.

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On this page you will find out what's going on at my side of the 4 wires that make up the internet connection, it also serves as a history-file for everything I add to this site.

If you have suggestions to make this site better, if you got ideas about what to add or even what to forget about, please contact me at Carfiles@mail.com and let me know what your thoughts are. Again, don't try to sell me anything like a paid service or something!

*Note: Please notice the "Hamburger icon" at the right side of this page, it will open a menu that takes you directly to the section you want to visit.

News! New pages and updates

Every time an update is put online the last item in this list will slide down to the history section at the bottom of this page. At the beginning of each new year I'll make a divider which makes it clear from which year the updates are.

Date: Car: Subject:
2019 History of updates 2019
Sept 19th Honda CRX Introduction Honda CRX 1990
July 15th BMW 330Ci Rear bumper repair. *Last update*
July 14th BMW 330Ci Dent and rust repairs
June 26th BMW 330Ci Specifications of the BMW 330Ci
June 26th BMW 330Ci Introduction to the BMW 330Ci

Info from behind the scenes

September 19, 2019: Sold the Mercedes.

I bought the Mercedes in Germany, imported it into France, restored it and drove it for 3 years. Now it's sold because I really do have enough cars, it served me well but it's time for something else.

The section about the Mercedes will stay on this website, just because it was so much work to get it in decent shape and maybe somebody else might learn something reading those pages.

July 22nd, 2019: I sold the Renaults R6.

Because they are not really my style and I got too many projects going on I sold the Renaults. The menu item in the projects section will be updated, what was already there will stay. The rest of the menu items will be removed.

June 26, 2019: Bought a new project car.

Bought a BMW 330Ci and made a new menu-item in "projects". The section about the engine rebuild of the BMW E65 has been removed.

History of updates

Date: Car: Subject:
Jan 16th BMW 740i ZF 5HP24 gearbox, getting the valvebody out

2018 History of updates 2018
Dec. 2nd BMW 740i All you need to know about the 5HP24 gearbox.
Nov. 23th Tech section All about primers and their usage.
Sept. 11th Tech section Disposables which are very handy to have and their alternatives.
Sept. 9th Tech section Which accessories are nice to have or even necessary.
Sept. 7th Tech section Which spray gun do you need?
Sept. 9th Tech section Which accessories are nice to have or even necessary.
Sept. 7th Tech section Which spray gun do you need?
Aug 29th Tech section Which compressor do you need?
Aug 26th Tech section How to use spray cans.
Aug 24th Tech section How to prepare body panels and parts for paint.
Aug 19th Tech section Introduction on how to spray paint a car

2017 History of updates 2017
Sept 12th Mercedes 320 cdi Part 1: Getting the injectors out of the engine
Sept 6th Renault R6 Dismantling the Renault R6
August 30th Renault R6 Introduction Renault R6 Project
August 29th Mercedes 320 cdi Rebuilding the turbo
July 28th
Mercedes 320 cdi Cleaning the intake manifold and EGR valve
July 26th Mercedes 320 cdi Specifications and factory options
July 17th Added this info page to keep you up to date
July 4th Mercedes 320 cdi Restoring the doors
July 2nd Mercedes 320 cdi Sanding and painting the bonnet
June 30th Mercedes 320 cdi The rear fenders are finally ready for paint
June 29th Mercedes 320 cdi The rear fender at the right side of the car

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Last update : Sept 19th, 2019

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