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Welcome at the Busted Knuckle Garage

Specialized in sportscars, luxury cars and oldtimers since 1994

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On this site you'll find everything about my cars, mainly photo's of my projects with the description that goes with it. Many common things like maintenance, polishing and buffing as well as small and major repairs, restoration projects and complete engine rebuilds.

For different cars you'll find separate pages in the "Projects" section

I'll also discuss used, bought and home-made tools. solutions to difficult problems as well as those typical "Busted Knuckle" moments. You know, those moments nothing seems to work. Specifications of the cars, options from factory and where possible the history.

There is a technical section in which I show you how things are done, e.g. spray painting and electrolyses. How to rebuild a turbo and there will be a lot more subjects added in time.

How to use this site:

Everything that's yellow is clickable (except the disclaimer), in fact everything that turns another color when you hoover it with the mouse pointer you can click. If nothing happens or the mouse arrow does not change into a pointer that page just doesn't exsist yet. This site is under constant developement and pages are added on a regular base. Not only the "Projects" menu item is of interest, check "News and info" regulary. It will present you with a description and a shortcut to give you direct access to the list of updates. That way you'll find out what's new (obviously) but there is info from behind the screen as well, or scenes if you want, which keeps you up to date about what I'm doing to the site. It will make you understand why sometimes it takes a bit longer for a new page to be ready and put online.

The NEWS button will flash for one minute on every page whenever a new page is uploaded, clicking it will present you with the list of updates.

I wish everybody loads of reading pleasure and enjoying the photo's in the meantime.

Note: English is not my native language and I'm capable to mix good old English with US-English expressions, Please don't blame me for that, I'm trying my best.

To top it off, this is my personal site and no, I'm not running a business. This site is only there to inform you about my private projects and if I can I will provide "How To" information. This site is not sponsored and free of whatever advertisments. I pay for it myself and that's just fine if it helps people around the world to get things done on their own cars. Whenever you just like to read the pages I upload to the mighty web I'm happy as well! Needless to mention I'm not making any money out of this site so enjoy!

Mind you, there are no links to social media, you don't have to click the "like" button or share it where ever. If you really want to share this site with a friend send him/her this link: Http://carfiles.org Just copy and paste it in an E-Mail and send it off. Of course you can also copy and paste the link in your browser to share a specific page in an E-Mail.


I cannot be held responsible for any work you do on your own car, or somebody else's and it turns out wrong, I'm not liable for any damage for work you performed yourself or had done by somebody else following the instructions on this site.

I must insist, when working under a car, handling chemicals, using (power)tools and so on take the utmost of safety precautions, for yourself, the people around you and not in the last place, the environment.


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Das Auto
R6 1969

Last update : June 26th, 2019
Copyrights.... From here to eternity! Hell, do I really need to do that? No way! Just copy whatever you want from this site for your own use.

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